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Google rates very highly in choosing where your site will rank in the searches, hence generating even more traffic.


Having a regularly updated blog on your website is an organic way of naturally increasing the amount of keywords in your content, specifically long-tail keywords that you are more likely to be found for further improving your page ranking in search engines.


  1. Brand awareness

Having a blog on your website has another very important function as a key communication tool, invaluable in building a respected brand.

Blogging offers the opportunity to inform and educate your audience positioning yourself as a professional in your field, industry expert or even a thought leader. It offers you the opportunity to speak to the world, convey your brand voice and personality and show what makes you different. A powerful branding tool if ever there was one.


Having this scope to communicate with your audience also carries the opportunity to answer commonly asked questions about your business, service or products. These can then be catalogued acting as a useful customer service tool and can be referred to and used by your sales team minimising business time spent answering questions and explaining benefits or features. 


So there you have it, the two most important reasons your business should be writing and maintaining a business blog. Having worked in marketing for years and as a business owner myself, while I know the benefits of writing a professional and informative blog, it can be very time consuming and finding the time has always been difficult. If you need help building and maintaining a professional, targeted blog, get in touch and see what having your own personal blog writer for your business could do.


If your business is not yet on social media and you’re still not entirely sure what all the fuss is about you are not the only one, but you could be missing a significant trick in marketing your business. Allow me to outline just a few of the reasons having a social media presence may be just the thing needed for your business.


Social media for service based businesses and B2B

Social Media Marketing is, simply put, just another form of traditional social networking. Networking is vital to many businesses. It’s all about making new contacts, connections and getting your name out there. Social media is just a digital version of making these connections. The benefits to businesses can be significant and being as it’s a free tool and effective management of the basic channels can be done in as little as a couple of hours a week the reasons not to be doing it are massively outweighed.


Social media for B2C businesses

You need to reach your customers to sell your products. In this case, social media provides another avenue to do that. With recent stats on the use of social media, chances are that is where your customers are and it’s free! Need we say more? When used effectively it can be an incredibly powerful promotional tool driving more traffic to your website, increasing sales and increasing engagement with your brand.


If you are still unsure of what social media can actually do for your business, here is a quick breakdown of the main benefits to be gained from using it as an effective marketing tool for all types of businesses.


Real Time Customer Service Tool

Social media channels provide a new and important avenue for customer service and reputation management. In today’s fast paced digital world, customers are increasingly becoming accustomed to reaching out to social media channels to ask their questions and give their feedback. It is a real time way of getting answers and responses to questions and queries and it’s also there on public display (although what gets shared publicly is customisable on most platforms). This is a great way of showcasing your incredible customer service skills, which matters to your customers!


Drives Brand Awareness

When it comes to improving your brand recognition every opportunity to get your name out there is valuable. Social media essentially in this case a broadcasting tool and provides valuable new channels on which to get found and communicate with the world.


Builds Trust and Improves Brand Loyalty

Opening new channels of communication and connecting with your audience goes a long way to building trust. Also, there is an element of humanisation of brands on social media and when people decide to follow or like your content, they are letting you into what essentially is a private part of their lives.


Promotional Tool

Previously, if you ran a promotion or special offer or even a new product release, your only avenue for getting that message out there would have been printing fliers, taking out an advert in the local/national papers or even outdoor advertising. Today though, although large scale media advertising still has its place, it is very expensive and increasingly less likely to be where your customers attention is. Social media is in the large part free and paid advertising is extremely targeted and considerably cheaper, plus it can be easily shared and it’s trackable.


Social Media Boosts Website Traffic and SEO Rankings

While contrary to popular belief, social media marketing is not actually a parameter that search engines use in the ranking of your business’s website. Nevertheless, it still has a particularly potent effect and should still be taken seriously as part of your SEO strategy.


As your following grows, so will the number of shares. This increases the amount of backlinks to your website and this is something search engines rank really highly on their algorithms. Social media is also ranked by search engines in searches and while not to your website directly, your social posts will also come up in searches on google and other searches, increasing the exposure of your brand.

Social media platforms are search engines themselves. People are increasingly using the search facilities on social media platforms to find out about products, businesses and information they are interested in. So if you are not on there, then you won’t come up. It’s a bit like not even having a website.


Finally, one of the best analogies I have ever come across for using social media to drive traffic to your website is from Jayson DeMers, in an article published on Forbes, in which he likened your social posts to ‘bait’ and your social platforms to the ‘fishing rods’. Putting your bait in front of the right ‘fish’, so to speak, enables you to proactively reach out to your customers, as opposed to simply waiting for them to find you



Welcome to our blog. The purpose of this blog is to help people to market their own businesses more effectively by sharing our knowledge, experience and useful tools. If you need any further advice don’t hesitate to get in touch or feel free to comment with any questions on the blog posts and we will get back to you with the best answers we can give.


Toni and Sian

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