So in week one and two, we covered the ‘Who’ and ‘What’ of your business marketing planning. 

In week three I want to just briefly touch on the ‘Why’s?’ There are multiple levels of ‘Why’ we should be asking ourselves on a regular basis, but let’s start with the BIG ‘Why?’ 

Why are you doing this? – The business level
What made you decide to go into business? What was the big reason? 
Was it financial? 
Was it to simply earn more money, security?
To gain freedom?
To follow a dream or passion? 
To solve a problem in society? (see-a-need-fill-a-need)
Or was it something else? It’s important to remember why you started this and clarify what it is you are trying to achieve. 

Understanding your motivations will help you to define clear goals and set targets for your business growth as well as help keep you motivated when things get tough, as they sometimes do. Which brings me to the second level of ‘Why’ 

Why are you doing this? – The goal level
What are you trying to achieve? Just as it is important to know your motivations on a business level to help keep you focused and achieve your goals, on the everyday ground-level, every aspect of your marketing will have a purpose, your website, your social media, every campaign you create and so forth. 

Identifying these purposes will help you to set appropriate goals for all of your channels and campaigns, which in turn will help you to develop the right marketing mix that works for your business and drastically improve the results of all your marketing activity. 

So whatever you are planning with regards to marketing, remember to stop and ask why? Then set your goals!

If you need help or advice on any of this please just get in touch email, website or social media we’re always happy to chat and give advice. 

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