Resources for Creating Great Social Media Content

There are plenty of resources available to help find content and inspiration for your social posts. Take a look at these ideas to help you achieve social media success for your business.

  • Center to all marketing is graphics and design, you don’t need to employ professional designers but good quality graphics for use on your website and social media are important but luckily because of this, the tools available to help you with this are improving and getting easier to use. If you are a small business trying to do the best for your own marketing we recommend using a program called Canva. It is super easy to use and has all the preset sizes and templates for social media, email and print ready to go. It will save you a huge amount of time and money when you need to create quick high quality graphics. There is a free version which is very good but Canva Pro costs £10.99 per month and allows you to easily resize your designs, upload custom fonts, set color palettes for your brand and save templates for you and your team.

  • Industry forums allow you to see and participate in conversations of relevant subjects and find out what is trending and being talked about in your industry.
  • Trade Publications
  • Social media conversations – use # searches on Twitter, Facebook searches and Linkedin searches to find out what people are responding to. Another useful tip is to check for keywords on Google trends to make sure you are searching the right words and phrases.
  • Google Alerts is a great tool for monitoring the web for new content and keeping informed of news related to your industry or products.
  • Buzzsumo is another fantastic tool for finding out what works and what’s popular with your audience as it searches the web for content and sorts them by the amount of social shares they have had.

Keeping a file or folder for ideas and inspiration for posts and content is also invaluable, giving you a constant pool to source from when you need a bit of help. There are plenty of really useful tools out there for collecting and sorting ideas. PinterestTrello or Microsoft’s Onenote are all great applications for this and worth taking a look at to see what works for you and your business.  

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