We have worked with preschools and nursery schools extensively and know first hand the problems they face when trying to market themselves online. It’s not typically the area of expertise of many brilliant preschool and nursery owners and managers.
We love working with preschools and have developed a very successful, simple and effective marketing plan that will not only fill your open places but also help you maintain full occupancy on an ongoing basis. We realise you may not be ready to employ a specialist just yet, so we want to help by sharing our top tips and advice based on the strategy we are currently using with our current nursery clients. 

The old fashioned way…

Traditionally, marketing used to be a lot simpler. You could place an ad in the local paper or print out some flyers or posters, then drop them off at your local community centre, doctor’s surgery, libraries etc. Many still employ and rely on these methods to raise awareness of their preschools, and they do still work to some degree so certainly have a place in local marketing. However, if you are not at capacity and could be attracting more families, and filling more places, the opportunities in digital marketing should not be neglected, as the return on investment of digital marketing in your industry is very high.

Identifying your target audience
As with marketing in any industry, the key to success is identifying your target audience, and with nursery schools, it’s actually very easy! We already know who the audience is, where they are, and what they are interested in! But with all the new technology and marketing noise, how do you reach out to them successfully today?
Fortunately, we have a lot of experience working with preschools over the years and can share some of our knowledge on the basics of online marketing for preschools.

Here are a few top tips to help you to maximise your marketing efforts. 
Firstly, there’s a lot of marketing noise out there but the most important digital marketing assets you have available to you are

  1. Your website
  2. Social media 

Your Website
Your website is the window to your school. When people are looking for something today they go online. Parents do research! Many parents will decide whether to visit or not, within about a minute of looking at your website. If it looks outdated or poorly managed, that can be very off-putting and more importantly, costing you places at your school. 

Fact: A good website does not have to cost you the world, and updating it and maintaining it can be simpler than you think. Having a useful, up to date, informative and friendly website about your preschool, however, is imperative today. 

  • Note the term ‘useful’ above – use your website as another (public) communication tool. Show pictures of you’re classes, your activities, your artwork and your children* 
  • Keeping it regularly updated with content and information for your parents helps keep them engaged and serves as a useful resource keeping them coming back to your website, something which Google likes very much (we want Google to like your website so it promotes it higher up the search results)
  • You have content ready-made all around you. This does not need to be a massive task but updating your website with nursery events and key dates, photo gallery, notice board, timetables, menus etc is all useful stuff for parents, and will be of interest to prospective new parents too.
  • Take Photos regularly (every term if you can) Go around with a decent camera if you have one, add a red (or any colour, neon ones work well) sticker to the front and back of every child not allowed to be photographed. Then have fun watching and snapping away at the rest of the children, playing and interacting naturally with their classmates and teachers. Get indoor activities and outdoor play in good lighting and they will look great for any content you create for a good term.

Social Media

Ok, so most of us know what social media is, and have been on it or use it regularly, but using it for your business can seem daunting. Where do you start? 

Facebook. At the very least you need to have a Facebook page for your Nursery. If you do nothing else socially, but do this well, you will benefit hugely. Why?

Why Social? 
That’s where your customers are, where they hang out, socialise and research. It’s also simply another platform to put yourself out there on. If people are searching online for preschools, social media is online, it serves as another (free) place to be found.

Why Facebook?
It is the worlds (and the UK’s) biggest social network. It’s business pages make their way into Google search results too and it is linked to Instagram for promotional and marketing purposes. 

Instagram would be the second social channel we would recommend. Instagram is very popular amongst your key demographic/target audience and it’s a platform built for sharing photos! Who loves to share photos? New mummies, expecting mummies, doting daddies, aunties, uncles etc. Also, it’s just a great place to showcase your gorgeous, colourful nursery photos. New Instagram profiles can be designed with a theme, colourway or pattern to make them more interesting and stand out.

*Getting photographic permissions and keeping that list in each class so that anyone who is authorised to take pictures has that to hand, is simple to implement. 

We have worked closely with preschools for many years now and have a tried and tested methodology that works. We cover all digital and online marketing including web development, social media and pay per click promotion. Our preschool marketing package starts from £600/month and has an incredible return on investment.

If you could do with some help online and marketing your nursery school to full capacity, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you. 

“Toni has made a massive difference to our online success. We have increased traffic, mobile and web presence have better metrics and we now have a Facebook page, Instagram and regular blogs read by staff and parents. It’s really helped drive profitability. We are not Tech-savvy so this has really helped. Toni works independently and she is professional and friendly to deal with.” – David Gleasure, Little People Nurseries Owner.

Email me to find out more about our Preschool Marketing Packages.


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