Okay, lets get this one out of the way. If you are still unsure of whether your business should be running a blog we need to deal with this. Business blogging has become integral to any online marketing strategy. All the benefits of having and maintaining a business blog are exactly what you are trying to gain by being online in the first place, plus many more benefits you may not even have thought of. I have summarised the benefits below into two of the most important reasons for growing your business.

1. New customers
In order to get new customers you need to be visible and attract people to you, hence the onset of traditional marketing practices. Not too long ago, although it feels like centuries, that was done through the means of putting up posters, handing out fliers, placing an advert in the paper etc. wherever your potential customers were that’s where you needed to position yourself. Today, that is online.

That fact seems to have been accepted, hence the reason you have a website.
Now sure, I’m in the business of freelance blog writing so of course I will be bias, but the fact is that blogging is absolutely one of the most effective channels for attracting your clients to your website.

Having a blog on your business website undoubtedly increases traffic to your website. One of the best analogies I’ve seen has to be from Jayson DeMers writing for Forbes online, in which he explains how having a blog is like fishing with multiple hooks in the water. Simply put, the more hooks you have in the water the more likely you are to catch a fish. In the same way every blog post you publish becomes indexed by search engines like Google giving you more opportunity to be found and increasing traffic to your website.

Blog writing also has other valuable SEO benefits including increasing inbound links to your website. If you write a good well written and informative blog eventually people will link to it, which is something Google rates very highly in choosing where your site will rank in the searches, hence generating even more traffic.

Having a regularly updated blog on your website is an organic way of naturally increasing the amount of keywords in your content, specifically long tail keywords that you are more likely to be found for further improving your page ranking in search engines.

2. Brand awareness
Having a blog on your website has another very important function as a key communication tool, invaluable in building a respected brand.
Blogging offers the opportunity to inform and educate your audience positioning yourself as a professional in your field, industry expert or even a thought leader. It offers you the opportunity to speak to the world, convey your brand voice and personality and show what makes you different. A powerful branding tool if ever there was one.

Having this scope to communicate with your audience also carries the opportunity to answer commonly asked questions about your business, service or products. These can then be catalogued acting as a useful customer service tool and can be referred to and used by your sales team minimising business time spent answering questions and explaining benefits or features. 

So there you have it, the two most important reasons your business should be writing and maintaining a business blog. Having worked in marketing for years and as a business owner myself, while I know the benefits of writing a professional and informative blog, it can be very time consuming and finding the time has always been difficult. If you need help building and maintaining a professional, targeted blog, get in touch and see what having your own personal blog writer for your business could do.

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