Growing Your LinkedIn Following For Business

LinkedIn a as a social platform operates slightly differently to others like Facebook and Twitter for business. As a purely professional platform, LinkedIn Business pages rely on interaction with the business employees, suppliers and similar industry groups to get going. 

The simplest way to grow your LinkedIn followers as a business would be through paid advertising promoting your page and getting it seen to a wider audience.  This is something you could set up yourself or engage the help of a social media expert. As a freelance Marketing consultant this is something I could help you refine and set up to achieve your marketing goals. Get in touch for a chat if this is something you think your business could benefit from.

There are however things you can do to grow your following organically but will usually require interaction and involvement of other people in your team, business or industry.  

Action plan for growing your following organically 

  1. Ask employees to follow the page and interact with posts by liking and sharing. This will make the posts visible on their own feeds and to all of their followers thus increasing the reach of the posts.
  2. Look for relevant industry groups and ask to join them. In the LinkedIn search bar, type in the name of your industry i.e. Energy, Marketing, Finance etc. then on all results filter for Groups by clicking the tab along the top that says ‘Groups’ to see a list of all the networking groups in your industry. Note, it is possible to see which are the most popular and busiest groups as the number of members are displayed.
  3. Once you have identified relevant groups you can request to join them and then feature them on your business page profile.
  4. Following and interacting with groups is only possible as a person using your personal profile and not as a business. However joining and interacting with groups can still drive traffic to your business page and position your company as an influencer and authority in the industry.
  5. Published articles/blogs on your business page can also then be shared onto these groups further increasing reach and influence.
  6. Add links to your social media pages and on your business email signature. ​
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