Creating A Social Media Strategy

Before jumping in and creating platforms or posts for your social channels there are a few things you should do to help ensure its success. There’s no doubt social media can be a very beneficial tool in business marketing however if not optimised to meet your business goals it can also be a great time thief and give you very little return for your efforts.

My grandad used to say, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

Taking the time to zoom out, look at the bigger picture and putting a bit of thought and planning in place before jumping in to your social media will greatly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and efforts.

So here’s my version of creating a basic social media strategy to help guide you in your first steps in social media marketing.

  1. Establish your goals

What are your goals for social media?

We all know the importance of setting goals, it’s hard to get to where you’re going if you’re not sure where that is. Similarly with social media, there are and number of reasons to be using social media and getting clear on yours is key to achieving the results you want to see for your business.

The most common uses for social media include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Community engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Content distribution
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Customer support


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