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Planning A Social Media Strategy for Small Business

Planning A Social Media Strategy When thinking about your social media goals it’s important to align with your overall company goals, if these are not clear for your business you may need to take a few steps back, failing that you could look to align to your business marketing goals. For example, if your business goal for this year

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Social Media Marketing – 6 Basic Steps

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: 6 SIMPLE STEPS TO PLAN, CREATE AND SCHEDULE YOUR CONTENT You’ve made the leap and decided to put your business on social media – good for you! But now what? As tempting as it is to just ‘wing it’ and post whatever you like, whenever you feel like it, you must remember one thing: social media is

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Business Content Creation For Social Media Success

Business Content Creation For Social Media Success Social media has long become accepted as an essential part of a business’ digital marketing strategy. Five or so years ago we may have had a conversation about if it was necessary however although today most people and businesses seem to have accepted it is, understanding exactly how and why it benefits

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Google My Business: The 5 Key Benefits Every Small Business Should Know

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: THE 5 KEY BENEFITS EVERY SMALL BUSINESS SHOULD KNOW  What is Google My Business? Very simply, Google My Business is a powerful tool that lets you manage how your business listing appears across Google – either in search results or maps. Crucially for small companies, Google My Business is geared towards local searches, i.e. to capitalise

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Marketing For Preschools

MARKETING FOR PRESCHOOLS AND DAY NURSERIES We have worked with preschools and nursery schools extensively and know first hand the problems they face when trying to market themselves online. It’s not typically the area of expertise of many brilliant preschool and nursery owners and managers.We love working with preschools and have developed a very successful, simple and effective marketing plan

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Why Social Media?

Why Social Media Google rates very highly in choosing where your site will rank in the searches, hence generating even more traffic.   Having a regularly updated blog on your website is an organic way of naturally increasing the amount of keywords in your content, specifically long-tail keywords that you are more likely to be found for further improving

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