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Week 1: Who Are Your Clients?

Week 1: Who Are Your Clients? Who? ‘Who’ and ‘What’ really go hand in hand. There has to be a ‘What’ (a product or service) for there to be a ‘Who’ but before you go rushing into developing and refining your product or offer you need to asses if there is a need for your product, and for there to

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Growing Your LinkedIn Following For Business

Growing Your LinkedIn Following For Business LinkedIn a as a social platform operates slightly differently to others like Facebook and Twitter for business. As a purely professional platform, LinkedIn Business pages rely on interaction with the business employees, suppliers and similar industry groups to get going.  The simplest way to grow your LinkedIn followers as a business would be

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Outsourcing Your Social Media

Outsourcing Your Social Media How using a third-party can save you time and money. Perhaps you’re a new business starting from scratch with your digital marketing. Or, perhaps you have an established business and need help managing your existing social media accounts. Or, it could be you have no clue how to market your product/business online and you need

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Brainstorming Content for Social Media

Brainstorming Social Media Content Idea’s Having a readily available list of content ideas to post will help you when you go to create your actual content and help ensure you are not being too repetitive. Promotional posts Firstly you will be promoting your business, service and products so it will help to Create a list of all products and

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